Flame Desire: The Worship Project

by NET

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This is essentially a DEMO project, as the recordings are not "studio quality," but the tracks are well-thought out and run deep with a worshipful spirit. God looks not at the quality of our praise, but rather the quality of our passion and the meditations of our hearts.

The project is basically a compilation of the words I have been hearing from God as He has been speaking to me during this transitional stage of my life. I would have these songs be remembered as merely a conveyance of worship with no personal gain in the way. Feel free to worship with me and share the songs with whomever you think would benefit! Thanks, and many blessings!


released April 13, 2014

*Track 7 is based from Romans 11:33-36 (NIV).
*Track 11 is based from Psalm 19 (ESV).
*Additional vocals by Amanda Titchenal on track 9




NET Monmouth, Oregon

Nathan E. Titchenal is a young, humanoid, Christian artist committed to a lifetime of service to the one true God! His music is a creative reflection of His beliefs and is often an outlet for his wild imagination.

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Track Name: Your People
Let the morning shine, let it shine for you Lord
Let the morning shine, let it shine a light for you
Let the morning shine, let it shine upon our lives, ye-yeah

‘Cause God, we are your people, and we will worship you
And God, you are our glory; and we will live for you

The oceans will rise at the sound of your name
The mountains, forever, your glory, proclaim
Your people will call out, Jehovah, you reign
For you, God, forever and ever remain
Track Name: Everything
Open up my heart, open my eyes to see your
Presence in my life; God, I need you more every
Day that I’m alive, everything I am is yours, so I’ll
Stay right by your side, until this body fails, I will
Stay right by your side, I’ll stay right by your side

I can feel you in this place, holy is your name, God, you’re
Good in every way, good to me every day. Every
Day I need your grace, forever I will say: pour your
Love on my like rain, oh forever I will say, pour your
Love on me like rain, oh love on me like rain

Let the rain encompass me, wash
Away everything, I have
Nothing left to say but God, your
Love is everything that I need

God, you go before, you’re a lamp unto my feet, oh there’s
Nothing I want more, than to see you smile on me. Bless your
Children who adore everything they cannot see, ‘cause you’re a
God who loves us more, a God who sets us free
Oh God, you set me free, God, you set us free

Your love remains, God, your love remains
You’re everything to me, God, you’re everything
Track Name: Tell the World
The blessings of the Lord will rise, will rise among us
Let us not partake of our desires
The kingdom of our God will rise, will rise among us
We will bring to life a holy fire

So give us strength to tell the world of your
Blessed name, O God
We lift you up sing unto all the earth, who
Rescues us but our God?

The blessings of the Lord are here for all to drink of
Nothing more could we desire
The children of the King will shout for all to know that
All that’s here will pass away

All will see and know
That you are God alone
Your love, it fills my heart anew
I will follow, I will go
Track Name: Glorify Your Name
You allow me to suffer your shame so I can glorify your name
When I find your secret place in my heart, I will sing

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Spirit, come and fill my life be my comfort, guide my eyes
Let your glory be revealed let your faith become my shield
Let me share in your pain see the world a different way
Let your love take me home to the place where I belong

You are God, you are King, and forever I will sing
Bring to life in me a dream, all creation to you will sing
Track Name: My Joy
Oh God, I see your mercies, God, I hear your voice
In the trees and the valleys, in the songs that I sing
Oh God, you are my joy

When the clouds pour out their rain, when the light begins to fade
When hardships find me, I will call Oh Lord, you are my joy

Oh God, I know your comfort, God I feel your strength
In the day that I have nothing left, I’ll remember you and say

Oh God, I need your patience, God, I long for faith
Though I am tested, I will break; I know there’ll come a day

Oh God, I give you glory, God, I’ll use my voice
When there’s nothing left for me to say, I’ll sing to you always
Track Name: Into Your Confidence
Into your confidence, into your glory we
Run so freely Jesus
Out of the world, into your presence we
Fall and cast our crowns

This world is not my home
Help me be not of it
Your presence Lord make known
Let it be perfected

‘Cause all your people need you more every day

And my life will be a light for them to see
And your love will make me new
In everything I will be found in you
‘Cause this world is not my home
Track Name: Romans 11: Doxology
Oh, the depth of the riches
Of the wisdom of our God
How unsearchable his judgments
And the paths we cannot trace
Who has known the mind of the Lord?
Or who has been his counselor?
Who has ever given to God,
That he should repay him?

‘Cause from him and through him
And to him are all things
And to him be glory forever
Track Name: Your Love Is a Fire
Your love is a fire, burning inside
Your love is a flame; it’s a compass to be my guide
I can say you consume my life
Lord I will use this passion to lift you higher, higher
God, build up in me
A light by which others can see your glory
I am a tool for you to use
For you to spread your kingdom and bring us back to you, back to you

God, I want to see a revival
I want to see all your people coming back to you
God, I want to see a revival
I want to see your disciples speaking words of truth, words of truth

Your love is a fire, guiding my life
Your love is a pillar of flame just to see through the night
I’m a wave, you are the tide
Pushing me further away while in you I will always abide, always abide
God, you tell me to go
If you are a bow I will be your arrow
Time after time, you ask me to die
To put off my past and to follow my savior, he is alive; you are alive

You are the truth, you are the light
You are the love; you’re the love of my life
Track Name: Proverbs 3
Let my heart keep your commandments; let my love be steadfast and true
Help me lean on your understanding; let me always come back to you
My child, do not forget my teaching; my child, do not despise my reproof
My child, be not wise in your own eyes, for I will keep your paths ever true

I will run to you, run to you
In all that I do I am coming back to you

Let my fear turn me from evil; Lord, your fear heals all my wounds
Your confidence will keep me from stumbling; you bless all your children to whom it is due
Child, your God founded this earth you have walked upon with wisdom in truth
Do not lose sight of patient discretion, for they will be life to your soul

Blessed is the one who finds your wisdom
Blessed is the one who knows your love
Better is their gain than finest silver
Better is their gain than purest gold
Track Name: Inspiration (A Dedication Song)
You illuminate me, and I reflect your glory
You shine upon the lives of your people, God, you know that
When I worship you, the whole earth stops for a while
This glow I’ve come to know, it comes from inside, it makes me sing

I will praise my God, I will praise my God
I will praise my God, oh I will praise you God
With all my heart and all my soul, there is nothing that can stop this glow
From illuminating all the world, this inspiration now
To praise my God, to praise my God
I will praise my God; I will praise you, God
Yes I will praise you, God

Some would say you’ve faded from the world that you created
But I can see the work you do in me, it’s undeniable proof
That when I worship you, the whole earth stops for a while
This glow I’ve come to know, it comes from inside, it makes me sing

My inspiration comes from you, for you are making all things new
My inspiration comes from you, my King
I want my heart to be reflecting you, in everything I say and do
My inspiration comes from you, my King
Track Name: Satisfy (A Devotional)
Lord, your law is perfect and your ways are true
They are sweeter than honey, even from the honeycomb, oh
Lord, your testimony is sure making wise the simple
More desired are you than gold even much fine gold

I will be blameless in you, oh my King

Let the words that I speak
Be acceptable in your sight, oh my King
And the meditations of my heart
And the things that I think
Oh my Rock, my Redeemer
I would satisfy your love for me

Though I walk in darkness and you see my hidden faults
Declare me innocent, oh God, will you be my all in all
I can see you in the glory of your handiwork above
Day to day it pours out speech to proclaim your wondrous love

Let everything I do satisfy your love for me
In every way I can I’ll worship you, Jesus
And let the rocks cry out, your voice is heard throughout the earth
And I will worship you, for you satisfy me