Lost in Worship (B​-​Sides EP)

by NET

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For a long time I considered these songs the misfits that didn't make any of my album cuts, so eventually I recorded them but didn't post them up here. I was recently made aware of the value of these songs even if they weren't given the most attention during recording. I hope you enjoy them!


released August 8, 2015




NET Monmouth, Oregon

Nathan E. Titchenal is a young, humanoid, Christian artist committed to a lifetime of service to the one true God! His music is a creative reflection of His beliefs and is often an outlet for his wild imagination.

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Track Name: O, My God
-Verse 1-
Your strength like the rushing waters
Your wisdom like the sound of the moon
Your voice like the wind in the meadow beckons me to set my eyes back on You

You are ageless spacious holy God
In your presence countless fall in awe
‘Till my body lies breathless in the ground
I will praise your holy name I will ever seek your face O my God

-Verse 2-
You know my faults and follies
You hear my every thought
Lord, search this heart and show me
The love that You would have reflect back to You

Nothing can come between me and my God
My eyes testify so clearly and applaud
My life has been found and made free
In my weakest hour I’ll sing to Thee
My God, my God, to You I’ll ever sing hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
Track Name: Scarlet River
A scarlet river runs through me
With all my sins revealed to Thee
And when that Day of Judgment comes
I cannot hide what’s plain to see

A scarlet river be my heritage
For all but one did drink of it
It is this Son of God who dug
Another river that we may come

The end draws near for me
What foolish souls who try to flee
I’ll be prepared and I will sing
Until the day I meet my King
Track Name: To You Be the Glory
-Verse 1-
These hands, they reach up to touch you and find
You're closer than before, and in my heart
You've never been more real to me

These eyes have seen the works of Your hands
Have shed these tears in Your name
Have witnessed the power of Your saving grace

To You be the glory
To You be the power
To You be the honor
Forever and always

-Verse 2-
This heart, it leaps and is humbled in awe
To be in the presence of One
Who knew me before the world had begun

This love could never express it enough
To compare with all that You've done
Your goodness outshines the rising sun

Your wisdom knows no bounds
Your counsel ever sound
None greater have I found than You

May this vessel sail true
As I fix my eyes on You
Now redemption finds this heart renewed
Track Name: Chasing After Wisdom
-Verse 1-
You have said “Seek my face and I won’t turn away from you”
I believe I will see Your goodness while I’m breathing

I will wait on You and take courage
I will wait on You and Your faith will not be moved

Chasing after wisdom, I am chasing after You
I will seek Your coming kingdom, I will spread Your perfect truth
I am chasing for the wisdom You have shown me through and through
And I know that You will find me for Your glory is my proof

-Verse 2-
Lead me on level ground that I may obey
Won’t you teach this heart how to number my days

Oh I will sing this melody that You, my King, have given me
I will offer up my worries and my fears, for Your wisdom is my strength
And when I call I know that you are near

*Psalm 27 (ESV)
Track Name: Songs of Zion
-Verse 1-
By the waters of Babylon there we sat and wept
And we remembered Zion and a song on the air

-Pre-chorus 1-
From the willows we took our lyres
For our captors required of us a song, saying

Sing us a song, sing us a song of Zion
Sing us a song, sing us a song of hope

-Verse 2-
How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?
Let us not forget You, O Jerusalem

-Pre-chorus 2-
Let my hands forget their skill should it come to that
Let my tongue cease to praise should my love for You fade

Above my highest joy, O Jerusalem
Is He who gives You power to live again

*Psalm 137 (ESV)