Mystery - EP

by NET

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This is basically an experimental electronic worship album. I didn't spend a bunch of time on it, so I'm sorry for any lack in quality, vocals, etc. Mostly, this project is meant to get to the raw heart of the matter: exploring and magnifying the glory of God!


released December 20, 2014




NET Monmouth, Oregon

Nathan E. Titchenal is a young, humanoid, Christian artist committed to a lifetime of service to the one true God! His music is a creative reflection of His beliefs and is often an outlet for his wild imagination.

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Track Name: Reason to Sing
You, Lord, desire nothing of me
But to give You glory in everything
I don't need a reason to sing
More than what You've given to me

And all that You are is worthy
Of more than I can be
And all that I want is more
Of You, of You
It's more of You and less of me
'Cause all I want is You

If there's one thing (echo)
That's enough for me (echo)
For eternity (echo)
It's Your love
Track Name: Light the Way (In Awe)
You lift the blind and let them see
You heal the deaf and set them free
In death You are my victory

So in my nothing let me be
One voice to sing Your melodies
Convey You are the remedy
And I am in awe

Lord, You light the way that all may see
Your glory fills this place and I fall down to my knees
In awe

Before Your throne I come and fall
You cleanse my lips and touch my soul
Now I will answer when You call
Here am I, send me

Your light shines bright where darkness reigns
Illuminate the path You've made
That I might find in every day
Your hope and stay

None can escape Your love, it never fades
None can erase the glory of amazing grace
Nothing can change my faith in You to light the way
Restore to me each day an awe of You
Track Name: Euphoric
You are my lamp, You're the light in my darkest hour
By You I find the strength to take on anything
You have made me like the deer, You have set my way secure
An assurance that I stand in the wide and spacious land

This God - His way is perfect, His Word proves true, oh
He's a shield for those who choose His steadfast refuge
His way is perfect, His Word proves true, oh
My heart is Euphoric for this God who rescues

Who is the Lord but our God and our refuge
His ways are like a rock, the horn of my salvation
His mercy sets me free, His gentleness has made me great
His righteousness prevails, and I long to keep all His ways
Track Name: Mystery
I tell you, my brothers, flesh and blood
Cannot inherit the kingdom of God
Nor does the dying put on new life
Behold of this mystery, the mystery of Christ

(Death) Where is your sting?
Where is your power?
Where is your victory in this hour?

Awaken, oh sleepers, for we shall be changed
And the trumpets shall herald that glorious day
As in a moment the dead will be raised
To put off their mortal bodies and say

The sting of death is sin, the power of death the law
But thanks to God, He gives us victory through Jesus Christ our Lord (and King)
Track Name: Euphoric Reprise
Lord, my heart is euphoric for You
Pray, help me express it as You would
This worship goes beyond every word
'Cause Your greatness outshines a thousand suns, oh