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This EP explores worship in a slightly different perspective, offering personal songs written to and from God as well as psalms both directly from the scriptures and new pieces inspired by David's and Asaph's writings.


released January 9, 2016

Licensed Cover Art




NET Monmouth, Oregon

Nathan E. Titchenal is a young, humanoid, Christian artist committed to a lifetime of service to the one true God! His music is a creative reflection of His beliefs and is often an outlet for his wild imagination.

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Track Name: I Want to Be Close to Your Heart, O God
-Verse 1-
This is the song of our hearts
We want more of you, O God
This is the song of our hearts
To be ignited by your fire

To be embraced by you, and only you
Forever and ever more
To sing to you; only you
Lord, be our one desire

I want to be close to your heart, O God x4

-Verse 2-
This is the sound of your love
Overflowing from your child
This is the sound of your love
I have found it knows no bounds

And when I'm close to you, only you,
My life is not my own
For you are molding me to be like you
So make your Spirit known (in me)

I see the nearness of Heaven coming
Down to meet me in my sin
This is the closest I've ever been to
Touching you, my King
Track Name: Come Alive
-Verse 1-
Somewhere deep inside you know there
Is a life all your own
sometimes I just want to hold you
To my side for the night

Whispering so you might know that I
Love you just the same
You're alive inside, and all this time
You've been more than just a name
You know their lies are just to hide
The truth of who you are
You are beautiful; you're worth the fight
I've known it from the start
So come alive

-Verse 2-
Someday pain will fade from memory
Only joy will remain
Some things were never meant for heartache
But in my arms there is grace

Identity lies in the stars in your eyes
And your heart is the fire that can light up the skies
So I pray you will find that your love never dies
For the key to your life is hidden inside
Come alive
Track Name: Stronghold
-Verse 1-
By the time the Sun sets on this world
You have shown yourself to me so faithfully
You were there with me in my sin
And You watched over me in my restoration
You supported every step as I
Climbed back again
And You calmed my soul
With whispers of salvation
And what has passed is with me no more
For Your love is strong, oh Your love is strong

You are my hope, You are my strength
You are my stronghold oh lord
For Your ways are sure
And You are my commitment

You are my hope, You are my strength
You are my stronghold oh lord
For in You is my joy
And You are my commitment

-Verse 2-
By the time the morning glory rises
Up from the ground, all will know Your renown
And I cannot help but sing of Your amazing glory
For Your amazing story is my testimony
You are good. You are God. You are ever my desire.
You have shown me Your face though I do not deserve this grace!
And now You promise me a place in Your courts all of my days
Now I will praise, yes I will praise!

Oh, Lord, You are my portion; You are my desire
Your truth is my comfort; I'm following Your fire
I'm reaching out for Your heart; Your will is my desire
God, I'm after You; just show me where to start
Track Name: Majesty (Holy Ground)
In the courts of the king
Declaring His Majesty
All His servants singing
Of His glory

In the courts of the king
Declaring His Majesty
As His holiness shines
For the world to see

Our God’s alive and lifted high
For His ways are good and His judgments right
We live to know and to make Him known
For His love is strong and it seeks us all

We’re on holy ground
We’re on holy ground
And we worship you now
Lord, we worship you now
Track Name: To Know You Are Lord (83)
O my God, make them like whirling dust
Like chaff before the wind
As fire consumes the forest
As the flame sets the mountains ablaze
So may You pursue them with Your tempest
And terrify them with Your hurricane

Fill their faces with shame
That they may seek Your name
O Lord, let them be put to shame
And dismayed forever
Let them perish in disgrace
That they may know that You alone
Whose name is the Lord
Are the Most High over all the earth

(Psalm 83:13-18 ESV)

Most high, You are most high
Lord, You are worthy, worthy of all praise
Adonai, O, Adonai
Your judgement is right, O Lord, Giver of life