Simplicity - EP

by NET

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This project was basically meant to be a teaser, in a sense, for all the music I still plan to record. It is called "Simplicity" because of the very basic instrumentation and approach of the lyrics. Writing these songs has probably been the most real for me so far, as worship goes, so I am happy to put them up here for everyone, even if I'm no professional at recording, mixing, or mastering!


released July 5, 2015

*Background vocals by Samuel Titchenal on Track 2




NET Monmouth, Oregon

Nathan E. Titchenal is a young, humanoid, Christian artist committed to a lifetime of service to the one true God! His music is a creative reflection of His beliefs and is often an outlet for his wild imagination.

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Track Name: Renewal
-Verse 1-
Your glory is enough for me
Your glory is enough for me
For a lifetime of praise of You
All my life help me praise only You

For You are my hope; I wait on You, Lord
You are my strength, my great renewal
I will worship You someday in Your presence
So let Your kingdom come to earth until You come and make us new

-Verse 2-
Your grace, it covers all my sin
Remind me everyday of the mercy that You give
'Cause Your love, it covers all my sin
And I long to know You more, and the family You've placed me in

All sing alleluia
Oh, all sing alleluia
Oh, all sing alleluia
My God
Track Name: Great Love
-Verse 1-
All my love for You will fade
And return day by day
But You are God, and You'll never change
Across the ages, You love the same

And all of my good to all of Your grace
All of my failure to acknowledge Your name
Let Heaven declare that nothing compares to Your great love
All of my wisdom to all of Your fame
All of Your glory that can never be tamed
Let Heaven declare, that nothing compares to Your great love

-Verse 2-
God above, hear my cry
Dwell inside, consume my life
God of love--love divine
You know my heart, now make it right

You are the Rock of my salvation
You are the hope I rest upon
You are my help, my restoration
You never fail 'cause You are God
You are the warmth in isolation
You are the peace inside my heart
You are my light when my eyes fail me
You are my love, You are my God
Track Name: All of Me
-Verse 1-
You are the God of jealousy
So I know You care for me
And You want all of who I am
Knowing my life is in Your hands

You are fair, You are just
In Your wisdom and I know You want all of me

Rid me of myself
I want more of Thee, give me more of Thee
Steal me from this hell
My identity, let it always be You

-Verse 2-
Lesser than dirt is who I am
Then I find righteousness again
When I make room for selfish ways
I know You want all of me today

You are the Spirit that keeps me alive
You are the energy burning inside
I am a vessel reflecting Your light
And You are God, You are God
Track Name: It's You I Need
-Verse 1-
Sing Your heart into my life and let it beat
Weave Your love into the fabric of my being

You I love, Jesus it is You I adore
You I see every time I wake to Your world
You I need, You are all of me, You I need

-Verse 2-
Pour You grace to overflow and wash me clean
Find me here waiting on the God of glory

You, O Lord, give me the breath I breathe
It’s You I need, You are the reason I sing
And You, I know, hold my days unseen
It’s You I need, You are my everything
Track Name: Memoir
-Verse 1-
This heart, made new
For my God; a brand new start

This song is a memoir of love
Of all that You’ve done for us, my God
It’s enough

-Verse 2-
This life You love
To call out the best of it all

In Your sovereign power, my God
You reign completely in my heart
So take my life and let it be
Your song of love to those You seek