Soul Cry: The Worship Project

by NET

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This is my third full worship project and I am so grateful to God for the inspiration he has given me with each one. This body of songs came together in a unique way, most of them being misfits and stand-alones, but what really tied them all together is their passion and focus. Every song I write comes from a part of myself that cries out to God in longing and appreciation, especially when I am doing so in agreement with the scriptures. Many of these songs, in fact, are inspired by the Psalms, which is why they are so filled with adoration and reflection. I pray that this album would be a reflection of my heart to God and a chance for you, along with me, to consider again the awesomeness of His character!


released October 2, 2015

*Artwork by Drew Lewis
*Electric Guitar on Track 1 by Austin Osborne
*Bass on Track 1 by Samuel Titchenal
*Background vocals on Track 7 by Samuel Titchenal
*Background vocals on Track 9 by Amanda Titchenal




NET Monmouth, Oregon

Nathan E. Titchenal is a young, humanoid, Christian artist committed to a lifetime of service to the one true God! His music is a creative reflection of His beliefs and is often an outlet for his wild imagination.

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Track Name: Vast As An Ocean
-Verse 1-
You are the weights that I've tied around my life
You pull me deeper when I am by Your side
Your love is open and I am calling out
You give me hope and my heart is ready now

Vast as an ocean, You are calm as the stream
Full to overflowing, still You're calling to me
Close as a whisper, You are sweet as a dream
Real as a heartache, and Your love will never cease

-Verse 2-
You are the joy found in every breath I breathe
I will rejoice in this holy ecstasy
For in a moment I could be with my King
So every moment this is the song I'll sing

Lord, You are beautiful, Your glories never cease
Your love is a gift for all to echo and receive
Lord, You're so beautiful, Your Spirit never leaves
I know, in this way, You are the treasure that I seek
Track Name: Live Here
-Verse 1-
All creation serves to glorify You
My heart longs to lift Your praises high
Bird and beast they know Your name and though I
Fail You constantly I vow to try

To love You

Live here
Manifest Your presence in me day by day
Live here
Spirit, fill my lungs with Thee again

-Verse 2-
You have placed me in the choir of ages
I will sing as with a holy fire
You have loved me in my darkest days and
Chosen me though I had no desire

To love You

My release! The very air I breathe,
It's all because of You
My strength; Your power. I need You every hour
'Cause all that I am is in You
Track Name: Standing With My King (26)
-Verse 1-
Lord, I love the place where Your glory dwells
I love the habitations of Your house, oh
Do not sweep away my soul with the sinners nor
My life for Your justice remains

Oh, I stand on level ground
In the presence of my Lord and King
Oh, redeem this body now
It's Your grace that leads me to my knees

-Verse 2-
Lord, search my heart and vindicate me
Won't You help me to walk without wavering
Faithfulness is where I'll go, for Your steadfast love
Is ever over me

I wash my hands in innocence
Around Your alter, proclaiming praises
Telling the world of Your wondrous deeds
For You alone have set me free

*Psalm 26 ESV
Track Name: To You Be the Glory
-Verse 1-
These hands, they reach up to touch you and find
You're closer than before, and in my heart
You've never been more real to me

These eyes have seen the works of Your hands
Have shed these tears in Your name
Have witnessed the power of Your saving grace

To You be the glory
To You be the power
To You be the honor
Forever and always

-Verse 2-
This heart, it leaps and is humbled in awe
To be in the presence of One
Who knew me before the world had begun

This love could never express it enough
To compare with all that You've done
Your goodness outshines the rising sun

Your wisdom knows no bounds
Your counsel ever sound
None greater have I found than You

May this vessel sail true
As I fix my eyes on You
Now redemption finds this heart renewed
Track Name: Light the Way (In Awe)
-Verse 1-
You lift the blind and let them see
You heal the deaf and set them free
In death You are my victory

So in my nothing let me be
One voice to sing Your melodies
Convey You are the remedy
And I am in awe

Lord, You light the way that all may see
Your glory fills this place and I fall down to my knees
In awe

-Verse 2-
Before Your throne I come and fall
You cleanse my lips and touch my soul
Now I will answer when You call
Here am I, send me

Your light shines bright where darkness reigns
Illuminate the path You've made
That I might find in every day
Your will and stay

None can escape Your love, O Lord, it never fades
None can erase the glory of amazing grace
Nothing can change my faith in You to light the way
Restore to me each day an awe of You

*Isaiah 6:5-8 (ESV)
Track Name: Soul Cry
-Verse 1-
This heart of stone, it melts when You are near
Spirit of God, make Your dwelling here
Find in my heart the righteousness of God
Oh none can compare to Your sacrificial love

My soul cries within me now
Just to say that I love You
Born again, You have called me out
To proclaim my love for You

-Verse 2-
My Lord, my God, such mercy have You shown
So take up this heart and make it as Your own
Lord, aid my walk on the path that you've revealed
Satisfy Your love with my heart--it has been sealed!

*Ezekiel 11:19-20 (ESV)
Track Name: Age to Age (71)
-Verse 1-
There are those who seek the temporal things
Of this world, but I, I know my King
Will satisfy the void I feel
Inside, and I, I know that You

You are God and I will ever praise
Your name and Your mighty ways
You are all I've got and all that I need
From age to age Your mighty name will remain

-Verse 2-
From my youth I knew this hope would stay
It would spur me on and to proclaim
These wonders that I can't explain
I will shout them out again and again

Your righteousness, it reaches to the heavens
O God, You have done great things
Your mighty deeds have given me salvation
Their number is past my reach

*Psalm 71:14-21 ESV
Track Name: Joy In My Heart (4)
Lift up the light of Your face upon us
O Lord, You have put joy in my heart
You are my peace every day, Father
In You alone I am safe

-Verse 1-
Indeed You have put more joy in my heart
Than they whose earthly deeds abound
For You set apart the Godly
And Lord, You hear us when we call

-Verse 2-
Lord, show me how this restless heart
Can find a hatred for my sin
Weaken me now, Lord, search me out
As I look to the promised land!

*Psalm 4 ESV
Track Name: Fixed (108)
-Verse 1-
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens
For Your glory reaches far beyond the earth

Deliver those You've loved and made free
For Your holiness has been revealed to me

O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give You praise
When I wake to morning's kiss You're my glory and my strength
So awake, my heart, and sing, for the Maker has redeemed
Though I fail You each day, Your mercy never fades; my heart is fixed

-Verse 2-
Give us help in trying times, for vain is the help of man
Give us joy in these trials--the blessings of Your hand

Through You we shall do valiantly
You fix our hearts and set us free

*Psalm 108 KJV
Track Name: Beautiful Inheritance (16)
-Verse 1-
I have come to know the light
I have set Your ways before me
I will not be shaken by the night
I will let my heart rejoice

Now my heart begins to sing

I have an inheritance with You, O my God
A beautiful righteousness surpassing all my flaws
I will stand by Your side in the day that You return
I know and my heart is glad that my spirit dwells secure in You

-Verse 2-
No good is found apart from You
You are faithful to preserve me
For in You I will take refuge
As I say, “You are my Lord!”

And again my heart will sing

By the night, in the storm
The path of life, You make known
By Your side, at Your throne
There is joy forevermore

*Psalm 16 (ESV)
Track Name: Steadfast Love (17)
-Verse 1-
You have tried my heart, You have searched me by the night
And I pray that You will find Your righteousness
You have led me by Your truth, and my feet will not fall through
You will answer those who call on You

Wondrously show Your steadfast love
To those who seek You, O my God
Keep me as the apple of Your eye, oh
Hide us in the shadow of Your wings
For those You love, for those in need
I know You always see the best in me, oh

-Verse 2-
You have made me new, You have filled me with Your truth
That I may behold You soon in holiness
Though my life is worn and bruised, Your joy in me is proof
My portion in this life is none but You

And in the morning when I rise, I'll be satisfied in You, O Christ
And in the morning when I wake, I'll be completed in Your Grace

*Psalm 17 (ESV)
Track Name: You Are Jesus
-Verse 1-
You are the light of the world
The absence of the life I’m bound to
You are my only escape;
You are Jesus, the one true way

Everything that I have found to hold true leads me back to
Everything in You that will never change

You are Jesus; You are love expressed through all the earth
You are Jesus; You are hope for the broken, peace for the lonely
Jesus, we acknowledge Your power forever over us, Jesus

-Verse 2-
Into the darkness You spoke
Spoke seeds of truth that all may know
Of a life beyond our own
Of a hope that will forever grow

Nothing is too big for You, my God
This heart will hold a place for You forever
If You are who You say You are, my God
Then I’ll call upon Your name for You are Jesus